About Us

Year 2000, 21st January, Two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs decided to provide quality solutions to the Courier Industry, and hence was born PRINCE COURIER SERVICE Within a short span of time we have not only expertise our self into bulk intracity service but have also built an excellent reputation in the Courier Industry.

Since inception with great inspiration, enthusiasm and dedication, we have successfully converted the major short coming of the courier industry of "HIGH CHURN" and "QUALITY DELIVERY" our biggest strength by gradually investing our time and resources into continuous training & motivating quality personnel.

With valued consignor’s and staff support, having more than 5 branches with a total strength of 250 employees we have grown slowly and steadily. Our professionalism can easily be highlighted by the fact that we are one of the few courier agencies who provide uniform to our entire staff.

We are a Company with Vision, Encouraging, Sharing of new ideas, Thoughtful Planning and Responsive Management. Enjoy an unparalleled reputation for service excellence and for driving our business forward with Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism.

We specialize in providing dedicated staff as per your requirement for Regular Bulk Deliveries within Mumbai region only.

  • To be a totally committed and valued workforce
  • To achieve consistently the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • To be a viable business with sufficient resources to invest in our future,
  • To anticipate changes and respond proactively.

Success Mantras
  • Efficiency, Safety & Fullproof Delivery...Our success mantras.

Anything Ontime
  • Every case we handle is guaranteed our highest priority; prince is there for you, handling everything from corporate delivery, residential delivery, slum delivery, and customized pickup services. Virtually anything, delivered ONTIME. Dedicated to excellence, Prince Customer service will formulate intelligent solutions, finding the most direct route, thinking ahead to give you greater peace of mind.

Primary Objective
  • Consistently provide the "Best" standards of customer care,
  • Always deliver each case on time-every time,
  • Work in partnership with your business to deliver the services you require.

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